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October Box

The October Montessori Subscription Box is all about Space! Here is a list of the materials and resources included in the box.

Space Story 

Solar System Information Sheet

Celestial bodies – 3 part cards 

Celestial bodies – Information Cards

Orbits in Space – Activity

Solar System – Cut and Paste activity sheet

Layers of the Earth – Control card

Layers of the Earth – Information cards

Layers of the Earth – Activity Wheel (materials included)

Moon Phases – Control Card

Moon Phases – Activity (materials included)

I Spy in Space – Numeracy Activity

Cutting Stripes

Sewing/Lacing Activity Cards (materials included)

All this and a guide for parents with detailed instructions on how to use all the resources.

The Subscription Box works on a monthly basis. You can order for one month, three months or six months.

Upon receiving the payment, your order will be processed and the boxes will be sent.

Our boxes are sent out in the last week of the month the order is placed.

Free Shipping all over Australia. International Shipping Available at an additional cost.

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